Month: January 2019

www.itbmv.com is ITBMV Ltd. web portal. The portal is not commercial, there is no financial transactions, reports, etc. Requirement keep the domain name migrate from DC to cloud / hosting solution (MS Azure, AWS, ICN, goDaddy, etc.) use standard CMS (Joomla or WordPress) no integration with MS AD, Identity provides, SSO, etc. the portal could […]

[user@SRV01 snmp]$ cat example.snmp.conf # # example.snmp.conf # File giving some (hopefully) useful examples of configuring the nCipher SNMP agents clients. This file configures the command- line tools and 3rd party SNMP clients which use net-snmp libraries. # # # This file is intended as an example. If you want to use it for command […]

Thales netwokr HSM solution is based on few components. HSM, Hardserver, RFS server, HSM Client HSM IP address HSM port 9004 RFS OS status (CPU, RAM, HDD) hardserver service status port 9001 on the HSM client logfiles (hardserver, HSMs, etc.) kmdata folder permissions, owner and group SNMP