Month: March 2019

Use MS AD as an external authentication & authorization provider. Network Diagram 1 HPE UCMDB v.10.20 configuration MF UCMDB 2018.08 (v.11.2.96) configuration In the new versions we have to use MF UCMDB JMX console, https://docs.microfocus.com/itom/Universal_CMDB:2018.08/admin/LDAPmap_t_Conf_ldap_active_direct N Name Value 1 ldapURL ldap://shareddc10.internal.itbmv:389/cn=users,DC=internal,DC=itbmv??sub 2 groupBase dc=internal,dc=itbmv 3 groupBaseFilter (objectclass=group) 4 rootGroup dc=internal,dc=itbmv 5 rootGroupFilter (objectclass=group) 6 isUseBottomUpAlgorithm […]