createrepo –help (RHEL 6.6)

[root@mfrumpld1 RHEL6_DVD]# createrepo --help
Usage: [options]
--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet output nothing except for serious errors
-v, --verbose output more debugging info.
--profile output timing/profile info.
-x EXCLUDES, --excludes=EXCLUDES
files to exclude
--basedir=BASEDIR basedir for path to directories
-u BASEURL, --baseurl=BASEURL
baseurl to append on all files
path to groupfile to include in metadata
-s SUMTYPE, --checksum=SUMTYPE
specify the checksum type to use (default: sha256)
-p, --pretty make sure all xml generated is formatted
-c CACHEDIR, --cachedir=CACHEDIR
set path to cache dir
-C, --checkts check timestamps on files vs the metadata to see if we
need to update
-d, --database create sqlite database files: now default, see --no-
database to disable
--no-database do not create sqlite dbs of metadata
--update use the existing repodata to speed up creation of new
use the existing repodata for --update from this path
--skip-stat skip the stat() call on a --update, assumes if the
filename is the same then the file is still the same
(only use this if you're fairly trusting or gullible)
--split generate split media
-i PKGLIST, --pkglist=PKGLIST
use only the files listed in this file from the
directory specified
add this pkg to the list - can be specified multiple

= optional directory to output to
-S, --skip-symlinks ignore symlinks of packages
only import the last N changelog entries
include the file's checksum in the filename, helps
with proxies
do not include the file's checksum in the filename,
helps with proxies
keep around the latest (by timestamp) N copies of the
old repodata
--distro=DISTRO distro tag and optional cpeid:
tags for the content in the repository
--repo=REPO_TAGS tags to describe the repository itself
--revision=REVISION user-specified revision for this repository
--deltas create delta rpms and metadata
paths to look for older pkgs to delta against
the number of older versions to make deltas against
output the paths to the pkgs actually read useful with
max size of an rpm that to run deltarpm against (in
--workers=WORKERS number of workers to spawn to read rpms
which compression type to use
[root@mfrumpld1 RHEL6_DVD]#

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