Month: February 2020

[root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull kibana:7.5.2 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull kibana:7.5.2 7.5.2: Pulling from library/kibana ab5ef0e58194: Already exists bdffd95b4709: Pull complete 8ebee118d380: Pull complete 24681010bbc5: Pull complete 1e27591e448a: Pull complete 056862b48ded: Pull complete a273b62cf9d9: Pull complete 72a7d32da558: Pull complete 9384e8664edc: Pull complete 697b6c2d2d8a: Pull complete Digest: sha256:70de7dc2df7d70d8d1eed0a13df6db9a3ccc7bba99eea7b20f13825e82e9af08 Status: Downloaded newer image for kibana:7.5.2 docker.io/library/kibana:7.5.2 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# […]

[root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull kibana:7.6.0 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull kibana:7.6.0 7.6.0: Pulling from library/kibana ab5ef0e58194: Already exists 3a92ac72d982: Pull complete b3610a99415d: Pull complete 2ea5080d6dc3: Pull complete b5f63ed4caa0: Pull complete c64c037065d6: Pull complete e0b46544cee9: Pull complete 5b084b06bf8c: Pull complete 911c7214ed15: Pull complete 4dcfd483854e: Pull complete Digest: sha256:71224955f60c9b71e633b332da41046891841b205e93763d845514c174287967 Status: Downloaded newer image for kibana:7.6.0 docker.io/library/kibana:7.6.0 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# […]

[root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull elasticsearch:7.5.2 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull elasticsearch:7.5.2 7.5.2: Pulling from library/elasticsearch ab5ef0e58194: Already exists ac819c75e084: Pull complete cca059a702d3: Pull complete 4a32d65abda1: Pull complete c82eff1e95f2: Pull complete 63248d573ce9: Pull complete 6ce84b7d8f21: Pull complete Digest: sha256:48eb5c1bb32224cee8fdf8362bc1f0ef1fce39acf7d5f68023c9f1f3c89f1f0d Status: Downloaded newer image for elasticsearch:7.5.2 docker.io/library/elasticsearch:7.5.2 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker image list REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE […]

docker pull elasticsearch:7.6.0 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker pull elasticsearch:7.6.0 7.6.0: Pulling from library/elasticsearch ab5ef0e58194: Pull complete c7bddb370e64: Pull complete b477f7f946d3: Pull complete 5a7d0cebbd37: Pull complete 72685965d8ec: Pull complete 9fdbb1d5d01e: Pull complete f96afe9ae49e: Pull complete Digest: sha256:578266a8f2de6e1a6896c487dd45cfc901a82ddf50be13bb7c56f97ecd693f77 Status: Downloaded newer image for elasticsearch:7.6.0 docker.io/library/elasticsearch:7.6.0 [root@DOCKER10 ~]# docker image list REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE elasticsearch 7.6.0 […]

./uninstall.sh Navigate to “/opt/dynatrace/oneagent/agent” and run ./uninstall.sh [root@KUBENODE2 agent]# ./uninstall.sh 18:52:00 Checking root privileges… 18:52:00 OK 18:52:00 Removing entries for preloading 18:52:00 Using systemd to stop the agent 18:52:15 Restoring original core_pattern file 18:52:15 Removing oneagentproc from system folders 18:52:15 Removing oneagentproc from /lib64 18:52:15 Cleaning up /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/agent. Part of configuration preserved in /var/lib/dynatrace/oneagent 18:52:16 […]