cscript oainstall.vbs -i -a -s hpomisaas1gw.itbmv.local -cert_ srv hpomisaas1gw.itbmv.local

C:\install\HPE_OA>cscript oainstall.vbs -i -a -s hpomisaas1gw.itbmv.local -cert_
srv hpomisaas1gw.itbmv.local
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Using system temp for logging
INFO: Parsing and validating options for HP Operations agent on the node
INFO: Refer log file for progress details
INFO: Running the command: CMD /C C:\standalone\oasetup.exe -install -manageme
nt_server hpomisaas1gw.itbmv.local -certificate_server hpomisaas1gw.itbmv.local
INFO: ==========================================================================
INFO: HP Operations agent installation started on Wed Oct 26 14:25:58 2016
INFO: ==========================================================================
INFO: Log file for the installation is at :
Setting the execution directory to C:\standalone
INFO: Checking if the pre-requisites for installation are met…
Prerequisites checked for: Windows6.1
[ PASS ] Check if platform architecture is x64.
[ PASS ] Check if DCE agent is not installed.
[ PASS ] Check if Perfomance agent (Emulation mode) is not installed.
[ PASS ] Check if XPL component is installed in emulation mode.
[ PASS ] Check if MSI engine version is greater than 2.0.
[ PASS ] Check if 350MB of disk space is available for agent installation.
[ PASS ] Check if 150MB of disk space is available for agent runtime.
[ PASS ] Check if Administrators group have default launch permissions.
[ PASS ] Check if Event Log Service is configured.
[ PASS ] Check if Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service is configured.
[ PASS ] Net Logon Service
[ PASS ] Check if Security Accounts Manager Service is running.
[ PASS ] Check if Windows Management Instrumentation Service is running.
[ FAIL ] SNMP Service
SNMP does not have READ ONLY access to the community name "public". SNMP service
is required for MIB monitoring, to collect SNMP events and discover node proper
[ PASS ] Check if the IPv6/IPv4 address is configured
STATUS: All requirements are OK; at least one recommendation has failed.
INFO: Installing the component HPSharedComp …
INFO: Found the packages to be of the version HPSharedComp(12.00.078)
INFO: Installing the component HPOvPerlA …
INFO: Found the packages to be of the version HPOvPerlA(05.16.009)
INFO: Installing the component HPOpsAgt …
INFO: Found the packages to be of the version HPOpsAgt(12.00.078)
INFO: Resetting execution directory to C:\standalone\
INFO: ==========================================================================
INFO: HP Operations agent configuration started at Wed Oct 26 14:27:39 2016
INFO: ==========================================================================
INFO: Log file for configuration is
INFO: Configuring the component HPSharedComp …
INFO: Configuring the component HPOvPerlA …
INFO: Configuring the component HPOpsAgt …
INFO: Performing the activation for the product…
INFO: Product activation completed successfully for the product.
INFO: HP Operations agent install operation completed successfully at Wed Oct 26
14:29:39 2016
INFO: Changes made in system environment variables will be effective in new shel

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