[root@splunkld1 bin]# ./splunk
 Not enough arguments.  Please specify a valid command from this list:
 Welcome to Splunk's Command Line Interface (CLI).
 Type these commands for more help:
 help simple, cheatsheet    display a list of common commands with syntax help commands              display a full list of CLI commands help [command]             type a command name to access its help page help clustering            commands that can be used to configure the clustering setup help shclustering          commands that can be used to configure the shclustering setup help control, controls     tools to start, stop, manage Splunk processes help [object]              type an object name to access its help page help [topic]               type a topic keyword to get help on a topic help datastore             manage Splunk's local filesystem use help distributed           manage distributed configurations such as                            data cloning, routing, and distributed search help forwarding            manage deployments help input, inputs         manage data inputs help licensing             manage licenses for your Splunk server help settings              manage settings for your Splunk server help tools                 tools to help your Splunk server help search                help with Splunk searches
 Universal Parameters:
 The following parameters are usable by any command. For more details on each parameter, type "help [parameter]". Parameter syntax:   [command] [object] [-parameter <value> | <value>]... [-uri][-auth]   app        specify the app or namespace to run the command; for search, defaults to              the Search app   auth       specify login credentials to execute commands that require you to be logged in   owner      specify the owner/user context associated with an object; if not specified,              defaults to the currently logged in user   uri        execute a command on any specified Splunk server. Use the              format: <ip>:<port>  Note: IPv4 ( and IPv6 ([2001:db8::1]:80) formats are both supported for specifying IP addresses.        By default, splunkd listens on IPv4 only. To enable IPv6 support, refer to the instructions in:        http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Admin/ConfigureSplunkforIPv6  Type "help [object|topic]" to get help on a specific object or topic.  Complete documentation is available online at: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation
 [root@splunkld1 bin]#