Migrate www.itbmv.com to cloud

www.itbmv.com is ITBMV Ltd. web portal. The portal is not commercial, there is no financial transactions, reports, etc.


  • keep the domain name
  • migrate from DC to cloud / hosting solution (MS Azure, AWS, ICN, goDaddy, etc.)
  • use standard CMS (Joomla or WordPress)
  • no integration with MS AD, Identity provides, SSO, etc.
  • the portal could be rebuildet from scratch
  • the new design must provide scalability (optional)
  • acceptable downtime 1 – 2 days
  • the new design must provide backup / restore option. (automation is optional)

Current Design

Solution 1

It’s based on internet hosting provider (MySQL, Apache, PHP) and subscription plan.

Solution 2

it’s based on cloud providers (MS AZURE, AWS, Google, etc.). We use “pay as you go” subscription.

Solution 2 optoin 1 – Virtual Server (EC2)

  • install Virtual server (MS Windows, CentOS, etc.)
  • install MS IIS, Apache, MySQL , etc.
  • install CMS

Solution 2 optoin 2- predefine image

  • AWS AMI image
  • MS Azure Image

Solution 2 optoin 3 – PaaS

  • create a new Appliation configuration
  • upload WordPress source files