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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200] (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Windows\system32>cd / C:>cd Users C:\Users>cd bvasilev C:\Users\bvasilev>cd Downloads C:\Users\bvasilev\Downloads>dir Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is 5608-32BA Directory of C:\Users\bvasilev\Downloads 07/14/2019 04:41 PM . 07/14/2019 04:41 PM .. 05/07/2019 01:55 AM 341,192,785 elasticsearch-7.0.1-windows-x86_64.zip 05/28/2019 12:33 AM elasticsearch-7.1.0-windows-x86_64 05/27/2019 10:51 PM […]

[root@thalesrfs01 etc]# logrotate –help Usage: logrotate [OPTION…] -d, –debug Don’t do anything, just test (implies -v) -f, –force Force file rotation -m, –mail=command Command to send mail (instead of `/bin/mail’) -s, –state=statefile Path of state file -v, –verbose Display messages during rotation -l, –log=STRING Log file –version Display version information Help options: -?, –help Show […]

execute ” tar -xvzf splunk-7.2.1-be11b2c46e23-Linux-x86_64.gz -C /opt ” [root@splunkld1 bin]# ./splunk start –accept-licenseSplunk> See your world. Maybe wish you hadn’t.Checking prerequisites… Checking http port [8000]: open Checking mgmt port [8089]: open Checking appserver port []: open Checking kvstore port [8191]: open Checking configuration… Done. Creating: /opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/appserver/i18n Creating: /opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/appserver/modules/static/css Creating: /opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/upload Creating: /opt/splunk/var/spool/splunk Creating: /opt/splunk/var/spool/dirmoncache Creating: […]

Overview The HP ProLiant DL360 G7 combines performance, intelligent power and cooling management with IT management tools and essential fault tolerance, all optimized for space constrained installations. A 1U server with the improved performance of the latest Intel 5600 series processors, Unique HP Thermal Logic Technologies that provide leadership in energy efficiencies and ProLiant iLO […]