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docker pull store/splunk/splunk:7.3.0 [root@dockertest10 ~]# docker pull store/splunk/splunk:7.3.0 7.3.0: Pulling from store/splunk/splunk 184577bef3c8: Pull complete 0357a765a4fb: Pull complete 99b410d5fd7a: Pull complete 3c203c183de2: Pull complete 9c0f785f5a84: Pull complete b4e03454e5f4: Pull complete 032fa4f57b53: Pull complete bd4babe6bd44: Pull complete ec5865bd9f72: Pull complete a1da9430977d: Pull complete Digest: sha256:412ae289c2ad5ae4758ad47c71892de986caa042b234e5dbc700e44aca31084e Status: Downloaded newer image for store/splunk/splunk:7.3.0 docker.io/store/splunk/splunk:7.3.0 [root@dockertest10 ~]# If the […]

[root@splunkld1 bin]# ./splunk Not enough arguments. Please specify a valid command from this list: Welcome to Splunk’s Command Line Interface (CLI). Type these commands for more help: help simple, cheatsheet display a list of common commands with syntax help commands display a full list of CLI commands help [command] type a command name to access […]

Use “splunk start” [root@splunkld1 bin]# ./splunk start Splunk> Australian for grep. Checking prerequisites… Checking http port [8000]: open Checking mgmt port [8089]: open Checking appserver port []: open Checking kvstore port [8191]: open Checking configuration… Done. Checking critical directories… Done Checking indexes… Validated: _audit _internal _introspection _telemetry _thefishbucket history main summary Done Checking filesystem compatibility… […]