Network Diagram 1

[root@opsviewld1 ~]# wget -O - http://install.opsview.com/6 | sudo bash -s -- -e
--2018-09-29 22:17:32-- http://install.opsview.com/6
Resolving install.opsview.com (install.opsview.com)…
Connecting to install.opsview.com (install.opsview.com)||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 301 Moved Permanently
Location: https://install.opsview.com/6 [following]
--2018-09-29 22:17:33-- https://install.opsview.com/6
Connecting to install.opsview.com (install.opsview.com)||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 25457 (25K) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘STDOUT’
100%[=========================================================================================================>] 25,457 64.3KB/s in 0.4s
2018-09-29 22:17:34 (64.3 KB/s) - written to stdout [25457/25457]
2018-09-29 22:17:34 Opsview Automatic Installation
./master.sh: option requires an argument -- e
Running this software will install Opsview and configure your system. Do you wish to continue? [y/N] y
2018-09-29 22:17:59 Installation started
Please provide software key:
Please provide software key: 0a927184-d5fe-4430-816a-89c4abb9da34
Please enter your desired Opsview admin & database root password:
Please confirm your desired Opsview admin & database root password:
2018-09-29 22:21:41 Setting up packages repositories
2018-09-29 22:21:41 - Setting up Opsview repository
2018-09-29 22:21:50 Installing prerequisites
2018-09-29 22:21:50 - Installing Zip
2018-09-29 22:21:50 Installing packages: zip
2018-09-29 22:21:53 - Installing MariaDB
2018-09-29 22:21:53 Installing packages: mariadb-server
2018-09-29 22:22:27 - Starting database server
Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/mariadb.service to /usr/lib/systemd/system/mariadb.service.
2018-09-29 22:22:37 Tuning system configuration
2018-09-29 22:22:37 - Disabling SELinux
2018-09-29 22:22:37 - Opening port 80 in firewall rules
2018-09-29 22:22:38 - Upgrading your system
2018-09-29 22:22:39 Checking MySQL Global Variables
2018-09-29 22:22:39 - Updating MySQL configuration
2018-09-29 22:22:39 - Restarting database server
2018-09-29 22:22:42 Installing Opsview
2018-09-29 22:22:42 Installing packages: opsview-setup
Adding crontab
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart rsyslog.service
2018-09-29 22:22:59 Installing packages: opsview-external
2018-09-29 22:23:11 Installing packages: opsview-erlang
2018-09-29 22:23:54 Installing packages: opsview-perl
2018-09-29 22:24:56 Installing packages: opsview-python
Pre install
Post install
2018-09-29 22:26:07 Installing packages: opsview-watchdog
NRPE stopped
NRPE started
2018-09-29 22:27:53 Installing packages: opsview-machine-stats
2018-09-29 22:28:12 Installing packages: opsview-loadbalancer
Package opsview-loadbalancer- already installed and latest version
2018-09-29 22:28:12 Installing packages: opsview-registry-proxy
Package opsview-registry-proxy- already installed and latest version
2018-09-29 22:28:13 Installing packages: opsview-messagequeue
2018-09-29 22:28:34 Installing packages: opsview-datastore
2018-09-29 22:29:00 Installing packages: opsview-registry
2018-09-29 22:29:14 Installing packages: opsview-timeseries
2018-09-29 22:29:19 Installing packages: opsview-timeseries-enqueuer
2018-09-29 22:29:23 Installing packages: opsview-timeseries-lib
Package opsview-timeseries-lib- already installed and latest version
2018-09-29 22:29:23 Installing packages: opsview-timeseries-rrd
2018-09-29 22:29:27 Installing packages: opsview-monitoring-scripts
2018-09-29 22:29:36 Installing packages: opsview-flow-base
2018-09-29 22:29:40 Installing packages: opsview-snmptraps-base
2018-09-29 22:29:44 Installing packages: opsview-core-utils
2018-09-29 22:30:54 Installing packages: opsview-license-manager
Package opsview-license-manager- already installed and latest version
2018-09-29 22:30:55 Installing packages: opsview-scheduler
2018-09-29 22:31:07 Installing packages: opsview-autodiscovery-scanner
2018-09-29 22:31:12 Installing packages: opsview-executor
2018-09-29 22:31:27 Installing packages: opsview-web-app
2018-09-29 22:31:56 Installing packages: opsview-orchestrator
2018-09-29 22:32:06 Installing packages: opsview-results-live
2018-09-29 22:32:14 Installing packages: opsview-results-performance
2018-09-29 22:32:26 Installing packages: opsview-bsm
2018-09-29 22:32:34 Installing packages: opsview-downtime-manager
2018-09-29 22:32:42 Installing packages: opsview-autodiscovery-manager
2018-09-29 22:32:46 Installing packages: opsview-freshness-checker
2018-09-29 22:32:54 Installing packages: opsview-notification-center
2018-09-29 22:33:02 Installing packages: opsview-results-forwarder
2018-09-29 22:33:11 Installing packages: opsview-results-recent
2018-09-29 22:33:19 Installing packages: opsview-results-dispatcher
2018-09-29 22:33:28 Installing packages: opsview-results-sender
2018-09-29 22:33:36 Installing packages: opsview-state-changes
2018-09-29 22:33:45 Installing packages: opsview-results-snmp
2018-09-29 22:33:54 Installing packages: mod_auth_tkt_opsview
Package mod_auth_tkt_opsview-2.1.6-1.ct7.x86_64 already installed and latest version
2018-09-29 22:33:54 - Creating database configuration for components
NRPE is already running
Starting opsview-loadbalancer
[WARNING] 271/223355 (11622) : config : missing timeouts for proxy 'registry'.
| While not properly invalid, you will certainly encounter various problems
| with such a configuration. To fix this, please ensure that all following
| timeouts are set to a non-zero value: 'client', 'connect', 'server'.
Waiting for 'loadbalancer' to start…
Waiting for 'registry' to start…
Waiting for 'messagequeue' to start…
Waiting for Messagequeue…
Waiting for pid file '/opt/opsview/messagequeue/var/run/rabbitmq.pid' to appear
pid is 11891
Waiting for erlang distribution on node 'rabbit@opsviewld1' while OS process '11891' is running
Waiting for applications 'rabbit_and_plugins' to start on node 'rabbit@opsviewld1'
Applications 'rabbit_and_plugins' are running on node 'rabbit@opsviewld1'
Creating user accounts…
Adding user "opsview" …
Setting tags for user "opsview" to [administrator] …
Setting permissions for user "opsview" in vhost "/" …
Adding user "opsviewro" …
Setting tags for user "opsviewro" to [management] …
Setting permissions for user "opsviewro" in vhost "/" …
Deleting guest user account
Deleting user "guest" …
Waiting for 'datastore' to start…
Waiting for DataStore to start
Waiting for 'licensemanager' to start…
Waiting for 'rrd-queries' to start…
Waiting for 'rrd-updates' to start…
Waiting for 'enqueuer' to start…
Waiting for 'timeseries' to start…
Waiting for 'scheduler' to start…
2018-09-29 22:39:03 - Installing databases
Waiting for 'opsviewd' to start…
Running postinstall_root
AuthTkt configuration file generated
Waiting for 'orchestrator' to start…
Waiting for 'resultsperformance' to start…
2018-09-29 22:45:34 Post-installation configuration
Note: Forwarding request to 'systemctl enable httpd.service'.
Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/httpd.service to /usr/lib/systemd/system/httpd.service.
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart httpd.service
2018-09-29 22:45:35 - Activating Opsview
Successfully activated
{u'message': u'Finished', u'success': True}
Do you wish to install Network Analyzer? [y/N] y
2018-09-29 22:50:44 Installing packages: opsview-flow-collector opsview-results-flow
Waiting for 'flowcollector' to start…
Waiting for 'resultsflow' to start…
Do you wish to install Reports? [y/N] y
2018-09-29 22:52:37 Installing packages: java-1.7.0-openjdk
Package 1:java-1.7.0-openjdk- already installed and latest version
Warning: Unable to load '/usr/share/zoneinfo/leapseconds' as time zone. Skipping it.
Warning: Unable to load '/usr/share/zoneinfo/tzdata.zi' as time zone. Skipping it.
2018-09-29 22:52:42 Installing packages: opsview-reporting-module opsview-jasper
adding: resources/ (stored 0%)
adding: resources/datasources/ (stored 0%)
adding: resources/datasources/.folder.xml (deflated 37%)
adding: resources/datasources/ODW.xml (deflated 44%)
adding: index.xml (deflated 28%)
Using CE setup
First resource path:/opt/opsview/jasper/buildomatic/conf_source/ieCe/applicationContext-cascade.xml
Started to load resources
Resource name: applicationContext.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-cascade.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-data-snapshots.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-events-logging.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-config.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-import.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-logging.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-olap-connection.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-report-scheduling.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-search.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-security.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-themes.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-virtual-data-source.xml
Creating ActionModelService object.
Creating action model infrastructure.
Updating folder /datasources
Updated resource /datasources/ODW
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart httpd.service
Do you wish to install ServiceDesk Connector? [y/N] y
2018-09-29 22:57:17 Installing packages: opsview-servicedesk-connector
Database created
Module Service Desk Connector updated
NOTE: Further configuration is required before ServiceDesk Connector can be used. Please see the wiki at https://knowledge.opsview.com to setup your notification methods.
2018-09-29 22:57:30 Setting admin password
-bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token )' -bash: -c: line 0:perl -MCrypt::PasswdMD5 -e 'print apache_md5_crypt($ARGV[0])' y7Y)#AuIj9#kxf'

Opsview Installation Complete - please go to
and log on using:
username: admin
password: [database password]
[root@opsviewld1 ~]#