The document describes ITBMV standard for a JUMP SERVER HOST. Host OS, configurations, applications, etc.

  • MS Windows OS ( MS Windows 7, MS Windows 10, MS Windows 2008, MS Windows 2012, MS Windows 2016).
  • Mozilla Firefox internet browser
  • Google Chrome internet browser
  • Avast AV or MS Defender (recommended).
  • FileZilla
  • The servers must be members of “INTERNAL.ITBMV” domain
  • Notepad++
  • Only members of “ITSOLUTION_RDP_JS” and “ITBMV_RDP_JS” domain groups should be able to access via RDP.
  • MobaXterm (SSH, Telnet, Xserver, etc.)
  • CIS compliance
  • Only “INTERNAL.ITBMV” domain administrator should be able to install new application and configure the server.
  • The system must be configured to send events to the MS AD DC servers (SHAREDDC1, SHAREDDC10)
  • VMWare vSphere client
  • mRemoteNG (SSH, Telnet, etc.)