Thales (nCipher) “cat example.snmp.conf”

[user@SRV01 snmp]$ cat example.snmp.conf
File giving some (hopefully) useful examples of configuring the
nCipher SNMP agents clients. This file configures the command-
line tools and 3rd party SNMP clients which use net-snmp libraries.
This file is intended as an example. If you want to use it for command
line tools, you should copy it to
for 3rd party SNMP clients refer to the documentaion supplied with the
Standard options
defaultPort port
Specifies the port number that all daemons and applications
should use.
defaultPort 161
defVersion (v1|v2c|v3)
Specifies the default version of SNMP to use.
NB: use of SNMP v3 is recommended for security
defVersion v3
logTimestamp (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
Specifies whether or not the logging facilities will append
timestamps to log messages
logTimestamp yes
SNMP v3 options.
defSecurityLevel noAuthNoPriv|authNoPriv|authPriv
Specifies the default security level to use for SNMPv3 requests
noAuthNoPriv & authNoPriv are supported.
However authPriv is recommended for security
defSecurityLevel authPriv
defAuthType ( SHA )
Specifies the default authentication type
only SHA is supported
defAuthType SHA
defPrivType ( AES )
Specifies the default privacy type
only AES is supported
defPrivType AES
defSecrutiyModel STRING
Specifies the default security model to use for SNMPv3 requests
only "usm" is supported
defSecurityModel usm
Output options.
Setting the following options to true is equivalent
to passing in certain command-line switches. See the documentation
for detailed information about the effects of these.
printNumericEnums (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
equivalent to passing -Oe on the command line
printNumericOids (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
equivalent to passing -On on the command line
dontBreakDownOids (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
equivalent to passing -Ob on the command line
escapeQuotes (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
equivalent to passing -OE on the command line
quickPrinting (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
equivalent to passing -Oq on the command line
suffixPrinting (0|1|2)
1 --> equivalent to -Os
2 --> equivalent to -OS
extendedIndex (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
equivalent to passing -OX on the command line
dumpPacket (1|yes|true|0|no|false)
Specifies whether the commands should dump packets by default.
dumpPacket 0
doDebugging (1|0)
Turns on debugging for all applications if set to 1.
doDebugging 1
debugTokens token[,token…]
Specifies which debugging tokens should be printed.
See the documentation for more details.
debugTokens trace,ncsnmpd
[user@SRV01 snmp]$


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